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Trusted Choice

Yes, we are your most trusted choice

  • HydroClean is a business line of PT Hidro Klin Indonesia. The HydroClean Team is ready to help you to provide a better and healthier quality of life with the best services.
  • HydroCleaner is permanent employees which have high dedications to which have followed many tehnical and non technical courses with high quality standards from the company so that our work results reach its maximum.
  • With continuous innovation, broadened businesses, and prioritizing the best quality standards in every single service, it helps us to always give the best service for you.
  • We have framework for each service, beginning from providing tools with quality so that the system and working method proven to be good. We give guarantee that your facility will be cleaned fully and consistently with the highest standard.
  • The quality control technically and non technically to our HydroCleaner team is the prove that our priority is customer satisfaction.

MiCasa presents home cleaning service and maintenance services with hotel levels in your home. Comes with MiHydro for dust suction and mites, MiTidy for cleaning the house, and MiLinen for linen care.

MiCasa complements the needs of a healthier and more comfortable life in your home